Business Websites

Flanagan Productions offers managed and unmanaged business websites depending on your needs and the frequency of website updates.


Website Development

Website development for your business may seem like a daunting task; however, Flanagan Productions will guide you though the process of building a site that is both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. We can use your existing site as a base for migrating all content to your new design or change all content to completely redefine your business' identity. 

During pre-design meetings, we will discuss the new features and goals of the new website. The time frame from contracting to the launch of your new business identity is generally 8-12 weeks. 


Website Management

Flanagan Productions offers website management for business who require frequent updates and changes to their websites. This includes restaurants and bars who frequently update specials and events. If your business doesn't require frequent updates, we also offer hosting only. 


Social Media Management

Is your business using social media to its full potential?  The data collected by Facebook allows you to reach your target consumer directly. We can help you understand how you can use social media to grow your business. We offer consulting, completely management, and pay per ad options.