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Municipal Website Design & Management


Govsites is the municipal web management division of Flanagan Productions. Our services are completely different from traditional website development companies. Instead of designing a site and then turning it over to the municipality to keep up to date, we handle everything, allowing municipal staff to update the website by simply sending an email. Not only does this help keep the website compliant and up to date, but it extends the life of the design because we never stop building new sections and ensuring that new content is placed in logical areas of the site.


The Govsites Difference

Govsites will refresh your municipal website design and give residents a fast and easy environment to access information about their community. We have several designs to pick from or we can custom build a site to meet your needs. 

We believe that a municipal website is never done growing. Govsites will stay with you to help ensure that your website continues to perform at its best and provide the most accurate, up to date information.

Govsites uses site analytics to understand the needs of residents. This non-identifiable information gives us insight into the way that the website is being used and helps us make changes to better serve the residents of your community.


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