Govsites is the municipal web management division of Flanagan Productions. Our services are completely different from traditional website development companies. Instead of designing a site and then turning it over to the municipality to keep up to date, we handle everything, allowing municipal staff to update the website by simply sending an email. Not only does this help keep the website compliant and up to date, but it extends the life of the design because we never stop building new sections and ensuring that new content is placed in logical areas of the site.


The Govsites Difference

Govsites will refresh your municipal website design and give residents a fast and easy environment to access information about their community. We have several designs to pick from or we can custom build a site to meet your needs. 

We believe that a municipal website is never done growing. Govsites will stay with you to help ensure that your website continues to perform at its best and provide the most accurate, up to date information.

Govsites uses site analytics to understand the needs of residents. This non-identifiable information gives us insight into the way that the website is being used and helps us make changes to better serve the residents of your community.


For more information, visit Govsites

Municipal Websites

Flanagan Productions is now GovSites, offering all of the same services under a new name. Please visit the GovSites website for updated information. 


Flanagan Productions offers managed municipal websites. We help to keep the site compliant with all state, federal, and ADA requirements as well as ensure that information is up to date. Making a change to the site is as easy as sending an email. Calendar events, minutes, documents, flyers, photographs, and any other change is simply sent to Flanagan Productions' convenient ticketing system to be converted and submitted to the website. Municipal staff no longer has the burden of learning complicated content management systems and troubleshooting website issues. In most cases, all updates are made same day Monday - Friday.  


Website Development

Website development for your municipality may seem like a daunting task; however, Flanagan Productions will guide you though the process of building a site that is both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. We will use your existing site as a base for migrating all content to your new design so that your staff's time is not spent on populating the site. All we ask is that the information be verified for accuracy since this is a great time to update outdated information.

During pre-design meetings, we will discuss the new features and goals of the new website. The time frame from contracting to the launch of your new municipal identity is generally 8-12 weeks. 


Website Management

Upon completion of the website development, Flanagan Productions continue to provide service as the municipality's webmaster, performing all web related tasks. This includes changes to content, troubleshooting, addition and deletion of pages, compliance checks, etc. These same day updates ensure a constant flow of communication to your residents without the burden falling upon municipal staff. 

Flanagan Productions acts as a central point of contact for your municipality's public information and will adhere to any posting guidelines set forth by administrative staff. 


Social Media Management

Municipalities have the potential to benefit tremendously from Facebook and Social Media, but there are important considerations before incorporating newer communication methods into your plan. Flanagan Productions archives all Facebook and Twitter content on local hard drives on a weekly basis to fulfill OPRA requests for posts. We effectively utilize Facebook advertising to generate additional followers as well as connect with residents who do not yet follow your municipality. Posts for major events, emergencies, or changes to schedules can be seen by thousands of residents with a simple Facebook advertisement handed by Flanagan Productions. 


Sub Websites

We know that your municipality may require additional websites to meet State Requirements (Municipal Authorities) or to better meet the needs of the residents (Police, Fire, Recreation). For this reason, Flanagan Productions offers discounted sub sites when we handle the management of the the main municipal website. If your current contracts require that a sub site be built before the main site, Flanagan Productions will apply the discounts at the time of the main site build. 


Website Photography

Based on location, Flanagan Productions offers website photography. We utilize an easy point system for pricing that can build into the monthly maintenance fee. Depending on the day of the week & time of the event, photography prices range from $95 to $285 for up to an hour of coverage with editing and posting of pictures. Your municipality will retain full rights to the pictures and can use them for printing, newspaper advertising, and brochures. 


Web Video Streaming

In addition to municipal website development and management, Flanagan Productions specializes in video productions. Our websites are built to integrate video libraries of meetings, events, public announcements, and more. Whether Flanagan Productions provides the video content or you already work with an agency, Flanagan Productions will help get that content online. Remember: residents with satellite TV do not have access to local access programming and would not be able to watch any of the content that you put on your municipal TV channel.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We carry a $1 million general liability policy as well as all necessary workers compensation and professional liability policies. Upon request, certificates of insurance will be provided.
Flanagan Productions was established in 2007 as an event video production company. In 2010, we began our transition to a Municipal & Corporate video production & website development company.
Yes. Please contact us for our references. You may also view a list of clients on the about us page.
Yes. Samples of both video and web projects are available in the portfolio section. Many of our clients use video for internal use and it may contain sensitive information. For this reason, we do not display all projects on our website. If you would like to see additional samples or work from these projects, please contact us to set up a meeting. Many of these internal projects can be viewed in short segments.
This varies greatly based on the goals of the production. Following an initial meeting or phone call, Flanagan Productions will work with you to put together a script, storyboard, music selections, and voice over for your production. Much of the process varies based on your project needs but we will generally set up a day to do all on location taping at your place of business. The video is then edited to create a rough version of the final product (think of an unpolished piece of pottery). You will then have the opportunity to remove clips or make editing changes to this rough cut. After your requests have been made, we will polish off the final version with music, titles, and all requested editing changes.

For televised meetings, events, or concerts, the system is much simpler for you as the client. Flanagan Productions will follow a predetermined structure for each video and adhere to these specifications on future projects. We will meeting with you prior to the start of any reoccurring project to develop this requirement list and production procedure.
All videos are delivered in web-ready format (Youtube or Vimeo) in High Definition. In addition, you will receive 2 standard definition DVDs upon request as part of any video package.
For municipal websites, Flanagan Productions follows one of three site designs based on the specific needs of your site and the amount of content that you anticipate including. If your municipality already has a website, we will begin by transitioning all of the existing data such as minutes, agendas, calendar items, and forms to the new website. Each department will receive a brief online form that should be filled out by the department chairperson so that we can include information about each municipal department or update any current information.

Following an approval process that ensures your site is ready for deployment, Flanagan Productions will take the steps necessary to point your current domain name to your web site design.

The actual process varies from project to project. Please contact us if you would like to discuss timeframes and a more specific details on the development process
Flanagan Productions offers affordable website management that allows you to have a completely hands off approach to your company's website. If you need a change, update, or want to add a new post, simply email Flanagan Productions and we will update your site for you. We have a convenient ticket system to track your website's changes.

This is particularly important with municipal websites that must adhere to both state and federal requirements for content and accessibility. Flanagan Productions monitor's your site's content to ensure that it is compliant.
In most cases, updates are made same day Monday - Friday if the request is made before 4pm. We guarantee updates within 48 hours Monday - Friday of the request or you will receive a discount off of your monthly management fee. Flanagan Productions is closed during legal US holidays. Updates made on a holiday will be considered active the following business day
All municipal web development packages include unlimited updates. Flanagan Productions makes it easy to manage your site's content by simply sending an email. It is just like having a full time webmaster
Please visit the Contact Us section or call 551-655-0888.


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