Talk to your Customers from your website 24/7

Business doesn't stop just because you leave the office. Your website is your 24 hour storefront. Even if you aren't there to answer the call, capture the client with a site that can't be overlooked.
Talk to your <span>Customers</span> from your website  <span>24/7</span>

Web & Video Connects Clients to Businesses instantly

Flanagan Productions knows that the needs of your customers and residents are constantly changing. We stay on top of design and service trends to make sure that you are speaking directly to their needs. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of emerging technology to deliver top products.
Web & Video Connects <span>Clients</span> to <span>Businesses</span> instantly

Revitalize your Municipal Image and keep your residents Informed

Municipal websites and videos define how others view your community. A well designed, intuitive, and user-friendly website will not only keep residents informed but will help to attract businesses to your community.
Revitalize your <span>Municipal Image</span> and keep your residents <span>Informed</span>

Municipal Videos - Site Migrated

With Flanagan Productions municipal videos, we handle everything. There is no expensive equipment to buy and your staff does not have to learn a new trade. We offer televised meetings, web streaming, event videos, and welcome videos to speak directly to your residents.  
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Municipal Website Development

Flanagan Productions offers managed municipal websites. Simply email any changes and a Flanagan Productions representitive will update the website accordingly. We verify compliance with ADA Guidelines, Record Management, and the Best Practices in Municipal Websites. 
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Business Website Development

Flanagan Productions offers two levels of business website development. For tech saavy business owners, Flanagan Productions will develop a new website and get your company online, leaving it up to you to perform updates and changes to the site's design. If you aren't up on technology, we offer webmaster services allowing you to simply send us an email for updates and changes to your site. 
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Event Video Productions

We remember our roots in the wedding, event, recital, and concert video productions. Flanagan Productions continues to provide exceptional service and value in all of our legacy video productions. 
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Corporate Video Productions

No matter your company size, video can help get your message to clients. Once reserved for large corporations, promotional, training, and product demo videos are now accessible to all companies. 
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Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booths make a great addition to any event. While most people may associate a photo booth with a wedding or sweet 16, businesses benefit tremendously from adding a photo booth to a grand opening, product launch, or trade show.  
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